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Join us as a Mentor, Mentee and/or Community Member to create positive
environmental and social impact.

Drive Personal Growth and Positive Change
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Gain knowledge and learn real-life skills from experienced professionals
and/or become a mentor and help others achieve their dreams.

Share knowledge with others via 1-1 mentoring and/or via a dedicated
community forum relevant to your interest.

Peer-to-peer mentoring opens up a whole new world of opportunity for
mentors and mentees alike.

Mentors, Mentees and/or Community Members create positive social
impact by sharing knowledge skills and experiences for personal
improvement and for the greater good of the community.

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About Us

We’re a purpose-driven company focused on connecting minds and
sharing knowledge for a greater good.

SmartMentor provides the tools that connect people for personal
and/or professional guidance, advice and support that enables the
achievement of worthwhile objectives.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences via a
mentoring model that creates social impact. Our Community Forums
and Groups also provide the means to engage in peer-to-peer
exchange of knowledge

Our Vision

Seamless intergenerational knowledge
transfer and peer-to-peer knowledge

Our Purpose

Transform lives for the better via the
connecting of minds to support social

on our Theory of Change

Set SMART Objectives

SMART Objectives are one way to structure and capture your overall
goal(s) and the objectives that will get you there.

Of course, it’s not mandatory to set SMART objectives, but if you
decide to do so, your SMART Objectives may be established prior to
connecting with a Mentor or after their consultation.

The objectives may also be revised over time and new objectives may
be set as the mentoring process evolves. You may even want to set
SMART Objectives purely for your own use and tracking purposes.


What is the specific objective
you aim to achieve?


Define key milestones in the
journey. Ensure it is achievable
and appropriate.


Explain how it will help give
your personal and/or
professional life a boost.


By when do you want to achieve
your overall goal and each of the
objectives that will get you there?

Is SmartMentor for Me?

  • Are you initially seeking to share and gain knowledge through participation in
    focussed community forums of interest? You can always elect to be a Mentor
    and/or Mentee at a later time. Join Community

Become A Mentor

If you answer ‘Yes’ the following questions, you are well positioned to be a mentor:

Do you have life experiences, skills, and/or knowledge that can
benefit others?

Are you willing and able to provide guidance, advice, and/or
support to another?

Can you volunteer a small amount of time every week or month
to connect with a mentee?

Become a Mentee

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, you should
consider seeking mentorship:

  • Are you wondering how to take the first/next step in your
  • Are you seeking a new career direction and need advice?
  • Do you want to build your knowledge in a specific area but are
    unsure where to begin?
  • Do you have a specific objective that you want to achieve and
    need guidance on the options and pathways available?
  • Are you looking to develop interpersonal skills such as
    leadership, networking and/or collaborative skills?

SmartMentor for Organizations

Is your organisation seeking to…

  • develop the next generation of leaders from within the organisation or defined
  • enhance operational and/or strategic capabilities by maximising available skills,
    knowledge and experience; i.e. the inherent talent within?
  • create, or further enhance, a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing?
  • generate a collaborative environment in which inter-generational and peer-to-peer
    learning and knowledge-transfer can take place in a managed way

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any one of the above, please contact us to find out more about how SmartMentor can add considerable value to your organisation through our ‘white-label, Enterprise and SAAS solutions which can be configured to organisational requirements.

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